Supporting Young People

We are generation future.
We are the hub for supporting young people across the globe.

Across all seven continents the World Youth Organization actively gets young people involved with it’s opportunities and programs. We support young people of all backgrounds no matter what financial situation or location in the world.

We are constantly striving to one day meet our vision of eradicating the negative teenage stereotype and giving all young people a head start into adulthood by providing our educational programs raising awareness of the current dangerous behaviors which affect the wider perception of young people.

Main Focus

Our main focus however, is of course offering our thousands of opportunities to all young people in today’s world. Our opportunities are there to promote Youth Empowerment and Advocacy. Let us break it down so you can understand a little more.


As a global organisation we have a shared voice which we can use to drive through social, political and economic change. In this area we focus on current issues which confront young people and represent their views in regional, national and international forums.   Our research projects have young people at its core, as we aim to create solutions and present them to world leaders.


Our ambition is to make sure all young people have a standard level of literacy and numeracy skills before they reach the age of 18. We will work with governments, NGOs and local delivery partners to fully understand causes of illiteracy and to help create solutions. We hope our size and scale will attract external assistance to areas of greatest priority to in order to give the gift of a fundamental education to young people.

Youth Empowerment

Through our strategic partnerships with grassroots organisations we aim to help young people develop both personal and professional skills. These skills will help them develop as global citizens and prepare themselves for adult life.

Who do we support?

Everyone. Any young person between 13 and 25. It’s that simple. As long as you are aged between 13-25 all our opportunities and programs are open to you. No matter where you are in the world, the World Youth Organization is there for you.

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