About Us

Youth participation is vital in society.
So you have come here to find out a little more about us, great read on. The World Youth Organization focuses on three strands of work; Youth Empowerment, Education and Advocacy. How we do this, can be broken down.


The World Youth Organization advances education and relieves unemployment for every young person. Together with our partners, we work in 41 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded young people, to the benefit of all youth, everywhere.

Our world is changing. The world is becoming more divided, where some countries flourish with opportunity, and others remain sparse with the lack of education. We are constantly finding new ways in brightening the futures of today’s youth, of the most disadvantaged young people around the world. We want every young person to have the same start in life, with a good education and have the framework to provide high standard opportunities to advance in life.Kieran Goodwin, Chief Executive

Mission Statement

  • WYO supports young people, through the advancement of education, relief of unemployment, and to allow the growth of a young generation of new leaders.
  • WYO mobilizes support and resources to help countries, particularly those of developing countries, ensure an “education for all” and to build their capacity to form appropriate policies and deliver services for young people which will be maintained for future generations.
  • WYO is committed in ensuring all young people have the right to work, and earn a living and not live in poverty due to the lack of opportunities given to them.
  • WYO, in everything it’s involved with, the most disadvantaged youth and the countries in greatest need to education and opportunity takes priority, always.
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