About the Program

Interview with businesswoman on press conference

The World Youth Organization has just announced it’s first program for 2016.

The Young Reporters Program will allow young aspiring journalists the opportunity to be heard on it’s platform by giving young people the experience to report on real stories, interview real people and publish their stories directly to WYO’s website.

The charity has announced the opportunity will be available to anyone living in Europe and aged between 16-25. Applicants must be able to write in English.

Kieran Goodwin, CEO at the World Youth Organization says “The Young Reporters Program will be a great platform for young people to utilize, and express their true aspiration in the field of journalism. We hope it will advance young people and enable them to gain experience to help with future employment.”

To apply, click here www.worldyo.org/opportunity/other/join-our-young-reporters-program/