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WYO Educate Program

WYO Educate is a workshop-based initiative to push forward important subjects so that more young people are educated with life-based concepts, and not just core curriculum based subjects provided by the state.

As a program we focus on Mental Health, Sex Education, Lifestyle Skills and Careers.

WYO Educate offers educational based workshops to secondary schools and HF/Sixth Form Colleges in the United Kingdom. You can book a workshop here.

The workshops have been put together jointly by; health professionals including mental health advisors, GPs and nurses; career advisors and business leaders; students; MPs and other governmental bodies. You can be assured our workshops have been put together by incredible people.

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Booking a workshop is incredibly easy. You can book us in via the online form directly found on this website. Click here to be taken to this booking form. Be sure to find out first what workshops you’d like us to provide your school, by exploring our workshop pages.

What we offer

Educational Workshops

WYO Educate offers four different workshops to secondary schools across the UK. (Mental Health, Sex Education, Lifestyle Skills and Careers.)

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Push for change in Curriculum

Combining with our workshops, WYO Educate and the World Youth Organization campaign and push for change. We want to see a curriculum with more focus on Mental Health, Sex Education, Lifestyle Skills and Careers.

Resources for Schools/Parents/Students

We offer a wide range of resources, which you can directly download from our website for FREE. These resources are taken directly from the workshops we offer.

Downloadable Content

Our Staff and Advisors

More information here.

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