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Here at the World Youth Organization we have a strong team behind the runnings of the charity.

75% of our staff are under 25, which makes us one of few organisations run by young people for young people.

Below we have listed our full staff list.

Executive Board

Kieran Goodwin
Chief Executive Officer

Trustee Board

Ayath Ullah
Chair of Trustees

Jack Welch
Governance and Organisational Development Trustee

George B Revel LL.B,LL.M
Legal Adviser Trustee

Adam Kellythorn
Governance and Organisational Development Trustee

Eddie Aylett B.A. (Hons)
Fundraising Trustee

Claire Belgard
Marketing and Press Trustee

Tanya Laird

Press and Marketing

Tom Hinchcliffe
Director of Public Relations

Jack Meeson
Deputy Director of Public Relations


Faiza Sheikh
Director of Programs

Bittany Smith
Director of Programs for Mental Health


Evie Walper
Social Media Manager

Priya Radia
Social Media Manager

Jennifer Williamson
Social Media Manager

Reuben Bekoe Griffiths
Social Media Manager

Jessie Taylor
Social Media Manager

Harry Edwards
Social Media Manager

Rachel Dyer
Communication Manager


Ian Whitefield
Fundraising Manager


Shanita Jetha
Director of Politics

Martin Spencer
Director of Environment


Lauren Duffy
Director of International Relations

Christopher Devine
Director of International Relations

Hugo Oliveira
Brazil Representative

Joseph Hayat
Director of International Development


Scott Longman
Director of London

Digital Media

Liam Bignold
YouTube Presenter

Amy Lee
YouTube Producer and Volunteers Coordinator

Hiren Koyani
Magazine Education Editor

Anita Levesque
Graphics and Digital Design


Bilal Tahir
Executive Assistant


Tom Carr
Designated Safeguarding Officer

Phyllida Martignetti
Equality and Diversity Officer

App Developers

Alex Choi
Developer, Arlix Technologies

Cormac PJ Kinsella
Developer, Arlix Technologies

*These do not include our external bloggers

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