Request a WYO Speaker

Want one of us to attend your school/educational establishment or office - let us know below.
Our speaker request process is the formal channel for considering WYO’s external speaking engagements.

Please visit this form to request a WYO Speaker.

All speech requests must be submitted using the speaker request form – please do not contact individual WYO staff directly.

Please submit the form two to six weeks before to the event. Any requests submitted less than two weeks from the event date are likely to be declined.

Please fill in the form as clearly and accurately as possible and include:

  • the subject of speech or panel you would like the speaker for
  • a copy of draft/final agenda
  • a list of confirmed/invited speakers
  • a list of attendees/invitees

Our guidelines

Due to the high demand for WYO speakers, we cannot guarantee that the person you have requested will be available. However, if we see merit in WYO participation we will try to offer a suitable speaker for your event.

We review every request and consider the following:

  • how topical the event is to WYO work and priorities
  • availability of suitable speaker
  • the suitability of the audience
  • organiser – priority will be given to large education/youth & industry conferences, although we are open to all requests and will accommodate as many as we can.
  • number of requested speakers – (we usually offer no more than two speakers for the event)
  • location – the location impacts time and cost
  • Expenses – the host is requested to cover travel & subsistence costs for our speakers
  • Remuneration – although we do not charge a fee for our speaking engagements, we do encourage you to make a donation to our charity.

Responding to your request

We aim to get a decision back to you as soon as possible. However, this process may take up to two weeks. Our Speaker Request Coordinator will contact you with our final decision.

After the event

It would be useful to receive feedback on the event and our speaker – both from your delegate feedback and your own comments. This will help us to continue to make improvements for future similar events.

Want to know more?

If you have any queries relating to speaker requests, please email [email protected] or telephone 0844 351 0010.

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