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Local Business Sponsorship Agreement

Thank you so much for becoming a Local Business Sponsor, we are so happy to have you join our community and appreciate your support.

Before we can confirm our new partnership, please can you complete the below form. If you have any questions email [email protected].

1) This Local Business Sponsorship Agreement covers the sponsorship of the World Youth Organization and WYO Educate (“the charity”) for the term agreed below with the Local Sponsor.

2) This sponsorship arrangement will be active for one year.

3) The Sponsor’s logo will appear on our website worldyo.org and educate.worldyo.org. The Sponsor will receive one social media post on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account. The Sponsor will also be provided with one press release, distributed on our website and social media accounts.

4) The Sponsor will be named where permitted and appropriate in publications and publicity.

5) The Charity’s Trustee Board shall ensure the Sponsorship is recorded, in a form acceptable to the Sponsor, in all publications and publicity relating to the Sponsorship during the Term. The Charity’s Trustee Board shall not publicise, or permit anyone else to publicise, the Sponsorship, other than in a form to which the Sponsor has given its prior written approval.

6) The Sponsor shall have the right to advertise and promote the Sponsorship in a choice of mediums including, but not limited to:

a) Press, television and radio,

b) Social Media

7) The following benefits will be made available to the Sponsor, free of charge:

a) Press Release distributed across our websites and social media platforms;

b) Social Media post distributed across our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook);

c) Logo to be added to both websites (worldyo.org and educate.worldyo.org); and,

d) Collaboration opportunities between the Charity and Sponsor.

8) The Sponsor agrees that it will comply with these terms and conditions.

9) No materials incorporating the charity’s logo may be used without the prior written approval of the Charity.

10) The Sponsor agrees to pay the amount disclosed and on the agreed date confirmed above.

11) The Sponsor accepts that this amount is non-refundable.

12) The Charity agrees to keep the Sponsor up to date with all developments and how it will use the sponsorship money on it's charitable objectives.

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