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Introducing our Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) consitis of our Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer. Our chair also has close contact with the SLT. You can contact our chair via [email protected].

For more information about our other members of the team visit this page.

Kieran Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer

Kieran is passionate about engaging young people in social change and helping them reach their full potential. Kieran regularly consults and comments on issues around youth participation, charity growth, youth in leadership and other social issues affecting young people. Apart from leading the charity, Kieran is also a Registered Nursing Associate working within the NHS.

Email [email protected]

Jaylan Sesli, Chief Operating Officer

Jaylan is our Chief Operating Officer is passionate about all things mental health. Originally a WYO Educate facilitator, Jaylan joined the Executive Team in January 2022 to help facilitate growth at the charity. Alongside her role at the World Youth Organization, she is also a practising Assistant Psychologist.

Email [email protected]


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