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WYO Educate film new doctor advice videos for mental health workshops

As part of WYO Educate’s revamped school mental health workshop, the charity wanted to include updated medical advice which will be shown in the schools WYO Educate visit.

WYO Educate teamed up with Dr Chuks who is passionate about all things mental health. Filmed by the talented Tim Mcbaj at a studio based in Enfield, London the morning involved Dr Chuks giving self-help advice on topics including depression, anxiety and social media.

This recorded advice will then be presented during visits to schools across London, Essex and South East England delivering valuable information, sign-posting and takeaway tipis which students can use in their every day lives after a WYO Educate workshop.

Chief Operating Officer at the World Youth Organization, Jaylan Sesli says – “having a health care professional on board for our WYO Educate program is essential in order to ensure our workshop content is up to date and accurate. We work with many health care professionals including Dr Chuks who work hard to reduce mental health stigma as well as educate people on mental health related issues.”

“We are incredibly grateful for Dr Chucks and his involvement with our charity.”

Dr Chuks says, “the importance of youth mental health cannot be overstated. That is why I was honoured to collaborate this week with World Youth Organisation—a phenomenal charity that puts that at the heart of everything it does.”

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