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Charms and Tings LTD becomes our first Local Business Sponsor

The World Youth Organization have just confirmed their first Local Business Sponsor for WYO Educate, Charms and Tings LTD, a creative jewellery and accessories business based in the U.K.

Owner Mouya Smith says, “Charms & Tings Ltd. is delighted to have partnered with WYO as they continue to empower youths through their charitable work. Our jewellery and accessories celebrate individuality whilst inculcating a strong sense of self thus this partnership is perfectly aligned with our values.”

CEO of the World Youth Organization, Kieran Goodwin says, “It’s absolutely fantastic to work with local businesses such as Charms and Tings LTD. Without the generosity of local businesses supporting our cause, we would not be able to deliver high quality services for young people across the U.K. including our mental health program run by WYO Educate. We look forward to our new partnership with Mouya and her incredible businesses, Charms and Tings LTD.”

WYO Educate are due to relaunch their mental health workshops in September 2022, with a target set at educating 100,000 young people across England and Wales on mental health awareness.

1 in 6 young people have a diagnosable mental health condition, however since the COVID-19 pandemic, this figure may be considerably higher. According to Young Minds, 67% believed that the pandemic will have a long-term negative effect on their mental health. This includes young people who had been bereaved or undergone traumatic experiences during the pandemic, who were concerned about whether friendships would recover, or who were worried about the loss of education or their prospects of finding work. (19% neither agreed nor disagreed, 14% disagreed).

Therefore, the workshops WYO Educate deliver have never been more needed.

The workshops WYO Educate run culminate to three long-term outcomes: WYO Educate participants possess the knowledge and skills to succeed in school, work and life. WYO Educate participants are engaged young people; and will make ethical and healthy life choices. If these long-term outcomes are achieved, WYO Educate and the World Youth Organization will have made an important contribution to achieving our ultimate vision and by giving young people the best well-rounded education that they deserve.

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