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WYO Educate visit Mayesbrook Park and Sanders School

WYO Educate recently visited Mayesbrook Park School in Dagenham, East London and Saunders School in Hornchurch, East London and delivered our flagship mental health workshop to raise awareness and #educate young people on this subject.

Mayesbrook Park is a small local school based in Dagenham providing full-time education places for 11- to 16-year-olds who have been permanently excluded, are on shorter fixed-term exclusions or are attending Positive Return programmes. WYO Educate delivered our mental health workshop to the entire school (roughly 30 pupils).

[su_quote cite=”Kieran Goodwin, CEO at the World Youth Organization”]Schools like Mayesbrook provide a second chance for young people, which I find is great – of course. I was so pleased to hear we secured a booking with them, as students whom attend schools such as these can be more vulnerable and sometimes less likely to speak out about their mental health, which is why running our workshop at their school gave students the chance to speak openly about the issue and ask questions. We gave the platform for this to happen.[/su_quote]

WYO Educate workshops last just over an hour and cover topics such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, exam stress, healthy lifestyles and issues around confidentiality, friendships and getting the right support.

Mayesbrook Park also has a Mental Health First Aider on site – which is another sign schools are doing more to tackle mental health related problems within education.

Sanders was another school WYO Educate recently visited. The program delivered two workshops for their year 9’s and year 10’s.

Due to recent events at the school, WYO Educate was called in to deliver our mental health workshop and help students open up about their individual mental health, open discussion and for us to sign-post where to get support when a student needs it.

[su_quote cite=”Amy D’Arcy, Teacher at Sanders School”]Students came to speak with me and our pastoral team after the workshops had finished. Numerous students had opened up about things which we wasn’t aware of before your program today, which we are incredibly grateful for.[/su_quote]

To book a mental health workshop for your school, please visit our dedicated website http://educate.worldyo.org/

Finally, congratulations to our new facilitators (Luke and Tiah), who done a fantastic job delivering both workshops to Mayesbrook Park and Sanders School.

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