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Interview with David Francis for Pride Month 2018

Interviewed by Joey Lopez-Powell for Pride Month 2018.

So, you are an international social media influencer that has trail blazed past the social norms of what is typically expected within the Instagram & Twitter-sphere. What was the moment where you knew definitively that YOU had a message to get across & no one was going to stop you?

Well its funny how my social media presence started as it kind of grew out of no where but I always said I was going to be open and honest and share parts of my life. Being outwardly gay and as my social media following grew, I started receiving messages from people saying they looked up to me and admired how open I could be, when they were not able to whether due to not being ready to come out yet or issues with their family and friends accepting them. It was then I realised the power of social media and I felt like I had a responsibility to use the platform to reach out and share with people my stories in the hope I can inspire and help others to be more comfortable in who they are. Nothing is ever going to stop me doing that. 

Since becoming Mr Gay Pride & competing in Mr Gay World – have you ever wanted to change anything in your past, say coming out at a different time? If so, why?

I am sure there are definitely things we all wish happened differently at certain times in our lives but I live by the motto of ‘Never Regret’. Never Regret in the context that you shouldn’t regret anything you have done or that has happened in the past as it has all come together to make the human being you are today. We are the sum of all our experience, the good and the bad. 

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, what does Pride month mean to you?

Pride is all about taking pride in who you are, loving yourself and allowing others to live the life of who they want to be. It is about acceptance, it is about inclusion, its about celebrating how far we have come but not forgetting those who have fought so hard for the rights we enjoy today.

Since this article will be mainly for the youth of the world, what is the greatest piece of advice you could pass on?

The greatest piece of advice I could give anyone would be to accept yourself for who you are. We all go through struggles, we all go through challenges but always be true to yourself and don’t be ashamed to hide the real you. You deserve to be happy and express yourself however you want regardless of what other people think. This goes hand in hand with accepting other people for who they are as well, regardless of their differences. 

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