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Youth Skilling Organization joins International Educational Aid

International Educational Aid has gained it’s first program partner, Youth Skilling Organization Uganda.

Lauren Duffy, International Relations Director at WYO said,

“Partnering with Youth Skilling Organization Uganda offers fantastic opportunities for the World Youth Organization and we are incredibly excited to start this journey with them. International Educational Aid will now officially get to work in delivering vital educational materials including books, pens and pencils to this wonderful organisation in Uganda.”

Serunyiigo Lameck, Communication and Advocacy Officer at the organisation in Uganda says,

“We hope our collaboration with World Youth Organization will raise much-needed, literacy through our education scheme which is skills oriented involving capacity building among young people, but also engage with new audiences, provide opportunities to inspire people to support the World Youth Organization in the long term, and helping them deliver lasting change.  We want to build an on-going partnership with World Youth Organization which continues to deliver tangible benefits to communities across the world.”

“This is a time we must join up and get connected.  People living in poverty could do so much better if only someone gave them the tools, practicality, training, information and basic formal education.”

As part of our international committent (International Educational Aid), we support numerous organisations across the globe – but we could not do this without your support and donations. Perhaps you have just finished your SATs, GCSE or AS/A Level exams and your books have no use, any longer – we would love to have them! Donate and help a child now.

CEO from the World Youth Organization, Kieran Goodwin says,

“This partnership is such an important step not only for the International Educational Aid program but an important step for Youth Skilling Organization Uganda. They rely on charity’s like us to help them bring about change, improve education and young people’s lives. I think it is important to note that, however much we love supporting our external partners, governments must recognise their responsibility. More funding must be pumped into failing education systems in remote locations within developing countries. Rural regions within Uganda and countries a like are suffering hard whereby children are just not getting the education they deserve, simply due to the lack of resources. Despite everything, of course – the World Youth Organization looks forward to working with Youth Skilling Organization Uganda.”

To find out more about Youth Skilling Organization Uganda, visit their website http://www.youthskillingorg.com/.

Contact: Tom Hinchcliffe / Press enquiries: [email protected] / Call: 08443510010


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