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Our eNewsletter

World Youth Organization newsletter is a key communications tool. There are several reasons why subscribing is recommended.

It’s a crucial communication tool

The e-Newsletter is the charity’s primary communication tool other than the World Youth Organization’s website itself.

Subscribing to the e-Newsletter will ensure readers are up-to-date with the latest information on our organisation and the youth generation…

It’s a summary of the most relevant information

Selected articles or updates added by our bloggers and press team are included in the newsletter. This helps readers get straight to the most relevant information.

Upcoming events

A list of upcoming events are added to our newsletter. This helps to remind readers of forthcoming WYO conferences, events, programs and so on.

Updates and news which effect young people

A digest of news and updates from the sector is provided in the newsletter. This helps readers get important updates from projects and changes which could effect young people.

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