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What has life taught me so far?

I may be only 20 years into my life. But already I have learnt so much about myself and about life itself. They say you learn something new every day. And I can wholeheartedly say that saying is so true.

So here it is my list into the things that life has taught me so far which I hope you can relate to.

Number 1: Not everyone is going to like you. Now when I was little I was always that child who want to play with everyone and keep people company. The older I have gotten the more I’ve learnt that no matter how hard try and fit in and pour your heart and soul into any sort of relationship not everyone will be on the same page as you.

Number 2: People and circumstances change and that’s okay. Now as I’ve mentioned previously I get very anxious and scared of change. But again as I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt that change allows for better things to come along. Whether that be a new opportunity or a new relationship. But change also allows growth to become a stronger, happier and better person. So when change occurs don’t fight it ride with it.

Number 3: Never beg or chase anyone to stay in your life. Now I’ve fallen into this trap several times. But as time has passed I’ve learnt to not listen to people’s words of how special and amazing I supposedly am. Instead I watch their actions. As the old saying goes actions speak louder than words. If someone wants to be a part of your life they will make the effort. People come and go from your life to which I mentioned previously for better people to come along. Be it a lover or friend.

Number 4: Let go of what’s gone, be thankful for what remains. Sometimes in life we do more harm to ourselves holding on than letting go. Now personally I find it hard to let go. When my first proper relationship broke up I refused to accept it at first. But I realised that I needed to let go of that person to save myself from going into a very deep hole which would subsequently effect my health and well being. It’s not being selfish it’s called self respect and care.

Number 5: Time is the best healer. Losing someone as a result of a break up in a friendship/ relationship or the person passing away is the biggest challenge the world can throw at you. Initially at first you can’t seem to go on with a massive hole in your heart. But as time goes on you adapt to live without that person in your life. I’ve been through many loved ones in my family passing away and also a good friend of mine dying at just 11 years old. I knew full well they wouldn’t want me to cry over them and be sad. They would want me to live my life and do things in their memory and make them proud. People that have stopped giving me effort and being with me however. I don’t see the point in getting upset over someone who in reality wasn’t down for me at all. End of the day it’s their loss.

Number 6: Be yourself and just do you. When I was little I didn’t give a flying monkeys what people thought of me. But then a thing called bullying happened to me and I felt like my metaphorical armour had been broken. Again as I’ve gotten older I’m slowly reverting back to that girl who doesn’t care what people think. As the saying goes the first steps to a happier life is learning to love yourself first. Because there will only be one of you. So go show them what you are made of you rare beauty.

Number 7: In the worst storms of your life you find out who is really there for you. When you hit a rough patch in the road of life sit back and see who comes to your aid. Those you don’t help you, check up on you are not worth your time and energy. Those who do help you keep them close cause they will be your allies in whatever battles lie ahead.

Number 8: Not everything in life will go to plan and that’s okay. As the old saying goes there has to be rain to make a rainbow. You just got to learn how to dance in the rain.

Number 9: What’s meant to be will be you just got to ride the wave and have patience. This word has a plan for you. Just have faith in your instincts follow your heart and continue on your path to happily ever after.

And the last thing. Life’s too short make the most of it. Don’t waste it with toxic people and dealing with negative energy. Have fun, travel, turn your hobbies into something great, be with friends and people who bring out the best in you, love unconditionally, regret nothing and when your time comes you can say I done all that. Life is a journey not a race so live it at your own pace. So enjoy the ride.

Hope you found this article helpful and I hope you could find comfort in the fact you are not alone in this journey. And as always my beautiful people don’t change stay strange and I’ll see you very soon.

Jennifer Diana Williamson

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