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WYO attend Equality and Diversity Day at Bower Park Academy

Bower Park Academy, one of the World Youth Organization’s partner schools today held their first Equality and Diversity Day.

Many local and national organisations attended the fair styled event to raise awareness of their individual causes, ranging from mental health, sexuality, nationality and religion.

Workshop Facilitator, Jaylan Sesli along with CEO Kieran Goodwin attended the event to promote the importance of good mental health education in schools and our flagship program, WYO Educate.

We asked students to take part in a short survey, results are listed below.

Do you feel current mental health education is sufficient in schools? Yes (34%) No (66%)
Do you personally feel mental health is important? Yes (97%) No (3%)
Do you know where you can get professional support if you are struggling with mental health issues? Yes (47%) No (53%)

Jaylan, one of our trained WYO Educate mental health workshop facilitators also spoke to students at Bower Park Academy to find out more on what they thought mental health is, and why education around it is so vital for young people.

Thank you Bower Park Academy for having us, we look forward to continuing our work with your great school.

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