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Welcome to our new website

We have made some changes here at the World Youth Organization.

As you can see, the charity’s website has been revamped and rebranded. Our new site brings a vibrant, crisp and modern look to the organisation. We hope you like it!

The World Youth Organization would like our supporters to navigate around the site easily and effectively, finding the information quickly. We found that from our old side, there were too many pages, unnecessary clutter and images.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new look! Tweet us and share it. WYO are constantly looking at ways to improve its services for our supporters and young people, so it is important to receive feedback – whether that be negative or positive, we won’t take offence.

Please be aware our site is still in Beta testing, meaning that there are still a few bits and bobs which need doing. Thank you for your understanding and continual support.

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