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WYO Educate launches at The Bridge Academy

On Tuesday 11th July, WYO Educate (sponsored by Child Protection Training UK) showcased its first completed school workshop to the general public.

The launch was presented by our WYO Educate trained workshop facilitators, Hannah Lewis, Amal Issa and Jaylan Sesli, who are all keen on mental health education.

Starting in September 2017 WYO will be running comprehensive workshops in secondary schools and sixth-form colleges, focussing on vital personal development areas such as mental health, sex education and lifestyle skills, as well as providing career advice.

Guests from across the country attended the launch including Girish Menon, CEO of Action Aid UK. Organisations such as Beat UK, Mind and Rethink Mental Illness were among other guests in attendance on the night. In the first 12 months, WYO Educate will be running mental health workshops. The program is predicted to work with 10,000 young people in the London region. These workshops will be delivered to young people aged between 14 and 16 years old.

Three facilitators went through 10 hours of training and a tough recruitment process to lead WYO Educate from the front. WYO Educate facilitator, Hannah Lewis said:

“The reason I am so passionate about the work we do here at WYO Educate is because I think about how valuable it would have been to my own mental health if I had received this education at school.  The promotion of mental health and positive coping strategies could have prevented years of mental health challenges, but I am motivated to use my lived experience of mental illness to promote wellbeing to our future generations.”

WYO Educate workshops have been put together jointly by; health professionals including mental health advisors, GPs and nurses; career advisors and business leaders; students; MPs and other governmental bodies.

WYO is also closely connected to Beat UK, an eating disorder charity, alongside other mental health organisations who have supported the creation of WYO Educate.

The World Youth Organization is a registered charity which focuses on educating and empowering young people. Notable examples of our other work include Educación Para Todos, which saw WYO provide 30 primary school students with learning materials in Guatemala. Further, the ongoing Young Reporters Program provides a platform for aspiring journalists to publish their work.

For more information about the World Youth Organization please visit https://worldyo.org, or WYO’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/worldyoutho/.

To book a WYO Educate workshop visit https://educate.worldyo.org/book/

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