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WYO Educate Launching 11th July 2017

The World Youth Organization is proud to announce the launch of WYO Educate, our new flagship program designed to provide young people with the skills to succeed in life.

Starting in September 2017 we will be running comprehensive workshops in secondary schools and sixth-form colleges, focussing on such vital personal development areas as mental health, sex education and lifestyle skills, as well as providing career advice.

To celebrate the launch of WYO Educate we’ll be giving you a sneak peek this July, giving members of the public a chance to come and see one of our workshops first hand. Here you’ll find out just how useful WYO Educate will be in opening up the discussion around sensitive topics and by providing advice and information informed by real case studies.

If you’d like to come to our event, the details are as follows.

11th July 2017
1900 – 2030

The Bridge Academy
Laburnum Street
E2 8BA

Facebook: Click here.

A bit about us:

The World Youth Organization (WYO) is a registered charity that was founded in January 2016 by CEO Kieran Goodwin. Focussing on educating and empowering young people, WYO runs a variety of programs to promote their success. Notable examples of our work include Educación Para Todos, which saw us provide 30 primary school students with learning materials in Guatemala, and our ongoing Young Reporters Program, which provides a platform for aspiring journalists to publish their work.

For more information about the World Youth Organization please visit https://worldyo.org, or our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/worldyoutho/.

Email press team [email protected] / [email protected].


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