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My stance on love and relationships

Love is a beautiful thing. It comes in all shapes and sizes, genders and sexualities, religions and beliefs. It is everywhere. It keeps the world turning.

Being with someone is an amazing feeling, the feeling of being loved, protected and cared for – I mean who wouldn’t want that? But love isn’t just about relationships and being sexual. The meaning of love is much deeper than that.

The problem I believe with my generation is that everyone is looking for some ‘quick fun’. If you really want to be happy and make a go of it with someone, understand who that person is, the way they think and the way they see the world. Learn how they appreciate things and not just you.

Love is about appreciation, peace and selflessness not jealousy, anger and selfishness.

I want my generation to understand that love is deeper than just someone’s visual appearance or popularity on social media, it’s what lies beneath where the heart beats strongest.

Our eyes are the door to our soul. Make eye contact and you’ll be able to read a book.

Stop using Tinder or Grinder. Get out, understand the world, see it with your own eyes and meet people through living and breathing. See the world as a big dating app, you can fall in love with anyone, even that person you just walked past on the train.

Stop asking for nudes after only speaking with someone for 5 minutes and 29 seconds on Snapchat. Make a stand, don’t let yourself be used for other peoples pleasure and impatience. You’re not going to fall in love with someone’s penis!

Above all else, love is meant to be passionate not dead and boring.

In all honesty – finding a partner young is great but don’t let it eat you up. When we are young, we are meant to explore the unknown, travel far distances and see the world with our friends, who aren’t just going to get up and walk away and then break us in two.

Don’t get tied up in love when you are still developing pubic hair. It’s complicated stuff love.

When I get attracted to someone, it’s hard to handle my emotions, I think ahead, get carried away and then get hurt. Pace yourself, take it slow and expect the unexpected, as then truly beautiful things blossom.

Following is good but sometimes leading can be more exciting.

My generation – please stop rushing into relationships and devoting your love to someone you barely know. If you want to do that, take your time before calling it ‘love’. I made that mistake and it broke me.

Not all relationships end, some people indeed meet at 18 and then marry, have children and lead a happy life. I just want people to understand the importance of independence and standing on your own two feet as surviving in this world you need that emotional sanity.

Growing up is all about learning and experimenting not devoting and engrossing. Understand yourself, your limits and expectations. If you are currently in a relationship, make sure you are happy. If you are unhappy speak out and work with your partner to find solutions to the problems – but if all else fails – you need to get out, however painful that may be.

When things breakdown it can really mess with your mental well-being. Becoming depressed, socially anxious, going through scenarios in your mind of ways to fix things, scared of future relationships etc. These are all common break-up side effects.

Being single may seem like new territory to you but most likely you have spent more time single than being with someone so it’s nothing knew and I’m sure you was equally happy before that person came into your life.

Finding your next lover can be a struggle, as there are so many idiots out there. There are those people who play games and mess with minds. Either properly approach someone or leave it altogether. Personally, I haven’t got time for that kind of attitude so as soon as I understand we’re playing Monopoly I’ll just block them.

As I said before, take things slow and see how it goes but remember being single is awesome too! Don’t fall for the quick shag games, make a stand and remember those two feet are on the ground.

Love is a beautiful thing but remember to read the small print before signing any contracts.

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