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Fraud Warning of organisation based in Nigeria

We have been made aware of an organisation running in Nigeria claiming to be the World Youth Organization.

A press release claims that our CEO, Kieran Goodwin is part of a transition committee to bring in power an individual called Matthew Adeyemi Adeniyi whom would act as the President-General of the World Youth Organization. This information is false.

Kieran Goodwin, CEO of the World Youth Organization.

This organisation has gone to lengths of copying our name, logo and mission statement. All information found on these press releases haven’t been approved by us therefore maintaining no creditability and warrant in truth.

We take our Intellectual Property very serious. When cases like this come up we act swifty in resolving the matters concerned. If you have something to report regarding our brand or IP please contact us immediately to [email protected].

To find out more information about our brand please visit this page https://www.worldyo.org/news/news-report/2016-02-07-registered-trademark-permissions.


Notes to editors: N/A

Further information please email [email protected] / [email protected].


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