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Giving Over Receiving

Christmas, I believe is the time for giving as well as receiving and I have always loved my Christmas presents and the excitement of opening Christmas gifts and the celebration as a whole. This year I decided to do something different and a feeling I had a few years ago inspired this.

I spent Christmas of 2014 with my younger sister alone and scared in a hotel room with no loved ones, no presents and most of all no Christmas spirit, after our biological mother had left us. I couldn’t have been more unhappy in my life and it was to the point that I genuinely thought that it would be my last Christmas. After escaping the never ending cycle of disappointment, I thought to myself that there are individuals out there who are lonely, sad and hungry and I knew how that felt like, so this year I decided to give a few homeless people gifts this Christmas. The thought warmed my heart because I knew that I was going to make a few people, very happy people this season and to my hearts content, I did. I wrapped six gifts to give away, which consisted of snacks, warm clothing such as socks and gloves and other essentials but in total, as much as I could buy with the hope that next year, I could make 60 people happy and many more.

I have been asked by a lot of people why I am doing this and apart from my life’s experience, I generally feel that people shouldn’t be cold and alone on the streets whilst we are inside eating Christmas dinner with our families, in the warmth of our homes. I feel that it is only fair that we remember those who are in need because it is important that we are all happy at this time of year. Delighted to witness the great big smiles across the faces of the recipients of my gifts, it has motivated me to do more for the community and the less privileged, within and without the country.

Giving over receiving is a term that I have kept in my heart for a while now because as much as we love our Christmas gifts, when we give, the feeling should be more exciting than receiving. The best Christmas gift I received this year was family, awesome friends and a community that cares.

Moving forward, I hope to make this an annual thing and increase the numbers every year. I so happy for hardworking organizations such as the world youth organization, who go a long way to providing for the less privileged and making people happy all year round and bringing people and communities together.

I am truly grateful for life and for all the people I have come across over the last few years, as well as all of the people who are working hard to promote peace and through acts such as feeding the homeless, it is one step closer to making the world a better place.

As mother Teresa once said, “If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just 1”, which is something that means so many things to different people and to me it simply means that you don’t have to make a significant impact on something if you don’t have the capability to do so.  The little that you contribute, is enough to add up to the rest of the population who are promoting change and so you don’t have to be a millionaire before you donate to a charitable cause, which would feed another hungry person.

Giving over receiving.

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