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Rize Up Gaming Sponsor the World Youth Organization

Rize Up Gaming is a community, founded in September 2012 with the intentions of curbing bullying, sexism, gender discrimination, and hate speech on all gaming platforms.

Their goal is to promote ‘fun gaming’ without negativity. Rize Up Gaming fundraise for many different charities around the globe.

Founder Russell “Rev” Grisham says ‘As owner of Rize Up I was looking for a charity to work with for the entire year of 2017 that fits close to the morale standards that myself and Aske Zeberg started Rize Up (RU) for. WYO was the perfect fit with the rebooting of RU. Teaching young people how to cope with all of life and to grow in to flourishing and adults is one of the number one reasons WYO and RU will work well together. Rize Up is proud to help WYO educate young members of the world. We will be raising $2,000 or more in the next 12 months and we really hope you come out to help us.’

The gaming company decided to support the World Youth Organization as one of their 2017 allocated charity’s.

The organisation will be donating throughout the year, giving a total of $2,000.

Kieran Goodwin, CEO of the World Youth Organization says ‘We are very thankful for Rize Up Gaming for their generosity in sponsoring the charity with $2000. This will go along way in helping support our programs and outreach projects around the world.’

More information can be found here twitch.tv/rizeupgaming.

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