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Gillian and Afton McKeith Join the World Youth Organization

The World Youth Organization is excited to announce the appointment of our two newest Ambassadors, the award winning nutritionist Gillian McKeith and her daughter Afton.

Gillian is a world-renowned dietician who has won the Soil Association’s ‘Best Organic Businesses Consumer Education Award’ and has hosted a number of television shows including You Are What You Eat and Eat Yourself Sexy.

As Ambassadors Gillian and Afton will be a crucial part of the World Youth Organization, working with us to support the education and development of young people around the world. Gillian and Afton will use their voices to let the public know about the vitally important work that we do, such as Educacion Para Todos, our on-going project to support the learning of youngsters through necessities such as books and pens.

Gillian told us that she is ‘honoured to join this wonderful organization with such an important mission’. Thanks Gillian, we can’t wait to work with you too!

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