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Metal Potato take over as our new website management team

We are pleased to announce that Metal Potato are now the World Youth Organization’s official website management team, dealing with areas like automatic back-ups, general updates and bug fixes. The company will take care of our site, 24/7.

With an incredible customer care service, the charity quickly decided to move hosts from 4050Media to Metal Potato. 4050Media had been our fantastic host prior to the new company we are now with, who offered us awesome service too. We can’t thank them enough, but now the organisation has begun to move on and look for a new service provider who could offer us a back-up system which Potato Care, a sister company to Metal Potato did.

Websites need three things to thrive: design, hosting and maintenance. Potato Care could offer us all three services, at not just a standard rate, but an incredibly cost effective price which meant a lot for us charity lot. After moving servers we have already picked up on the speed differences between our old host. In fact, our websites speed has increased by 70%, which is fantastic.

Wordpress-Website-Hosting-UKFor us, having to constantly check up on the sites maintenance was a big deal, as we’re not exactly qualified to do so. When the website had new features uploaded or design aspects were changed there was always the risk of something going wrong, but not any more, with Potato Care.

Conor Ashcroft, Chief Spud at Metal Potato said, ‘I didn’t come from great background myself and worked hard for everything I now have and I can see that you are doing a lot of great things to help the world and the prospects of young people. We’d like to help in any way we can its why we made a large donation last year and offering our services with a customised Potato Care plan.’

For more information about the type of back-ups Potato Care do, please check out this very informative article http://metalpotato.com/potato-care-wordpress-maintenance-web-hosting/

If you are interested in this service, please email [email protected]

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