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Update #4: Parcel is on it’s way to the USA

On Thursday 14th July 2016, our parcel with pens, pencils and t-shirts was picked up to be taken on it’s journey across the world, to finally be handed over to Guatemala where 30 students will benefit from our resources.

The parcel will first be sorted at a London Depot, from there once all procedures have been completed the parcel will move to the UK’s national depot. There the parcel will go through procedures including security screening and other general parcel checks. Once this stage is complete, the parcel will be transported to a international airport in the UK where it will fly across to Indiana, United States.


Once the package lands in the states and after customs, Lauren Duffy our International Relations Director will hand it over to her school, where it will be filled with colouring books and further learning resources.

We are expecting the parcel to be with the students in Guatemala by mid August 2016.

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