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The end of an era for the Conservative Party

Today marks the end of an era for the Conservative Party; with the handover of power from David Cameron to Theresa May.

I watched today’s Prime Minister’s Questions with great intent; there is no denying in the fact that David Cameron was respected by both sides of the House of Commons. He most certainly will be missed; he strived to shape politics, by increasing engagement and ensuring democracy is upheld. Today, we say good bye to a leader; one with competence, charisma and wit. Though it is sad to see him go, I have every confidence in Theresa May taking over, she has already demonstrated her commitment to accepting the will of the people and I have every trust that she will.

He has earned his place as one of the party’s best leaders; one who maintained unity and consistently delivered economic, political and social success. He started with a broken economy, and led Britain to economic prosperity with record employment figures, he championed gay marriage, encouraged the spread of free schools and most recently; delivered on his electoral promise: the promise of a referendum on the United Kingdom’s position within the European Union.

Here’s to another era, one which will continue the work of Cameron’s legacy, one which will continue to see Britain prosper, and it most certainly will.

Statement from Shanita Jetha, Director of Politics at the World Youth Organization.

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