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Adam to step down as trustee

The World Youth Organization  would like to announce that Adam will be stepping down from the WYO board as of 20th May 2016.

Adam joined the board during the early days of WYO and held the portfolio of Governance and Organisational Development trustee.

Commenting on his departure the board chair, Ayath Ullah, said: “Adam has been monumental in shaping the way forward for WYO and setting the early foundations of the charity. Whilst I am sad to see him go I wish him every success and thank him on behalf the board for his contributions to WYO.”

Adam noted:

“I joined the World Youth Organization in it’s infancy when it was months old. Since then, I have watched as the organisation has grown and matured into a charity truly worthy of its title as the World’s newest Global Charity.

It has been one of the greatest honours and pleasures of my working life to have been able to help and guide the WYO through its infancy and into a structured charity delivering much need programmes to the youth of today across the globe. The staff and volunteers at WYO have become a second working family and have made all the work and events fantastically exciting, enjoyable and successful; they have helped to make my experience of WYO as wonderful as it has been.

Whilst I am excited for the next opportunity which is presented to me, I am saddened to be leaving such a wonderful charity and working family. I know that the organisation will continue to grow in strength, conviction, ambitions and achievements under the charismatic and skilled leadership of Kieran and Ayath. I look forward to following its continued success and hope that I can cross paths with the organisation again in the future.”

Kieran Goodwin, Chief Executive said: “It’s very sad to see Adam go, but while he was on the board it was a great pleasure to work alongside him. I’d like to wish Adam the very best of luck for his future endeavours and thank him for his hard work he put into the organisation.”

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