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First time voting


Last Thursday marked my first time voting #finallyanadult.

I voted in the election of the Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands police area, the councillors to Coventry City Council for the Wanbody ward along with the London mayor and London Assembly.

As a politics student, nothing gets me more excited than the lead up to election day (and the justfied all nighter to watch the results live) so it is amazing to be able to finally vote!

It is important we don’t take our democracy for granted – in many nations whether women should even be allowed to vote is still a debated topic, even by politicians or the government of the day.

It is easy to assume that everybody, everywhere has the right to vote, yet in many countries the right is still non existent.

No matter what you study, politics does and forever will affect you, so shape your future by registering to vote if you haven’t yet: (the deadline to register for the EU referendum is approaching soon!)




Shanita 🙂 xo

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