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The importance of having good friends

Mentors, future business partners and public figures

This week I had the privilege to have multiple meet-ups and meetings with a couple of influential people in my life.

I had a meeting with my Life Coaching business mentor, who helped and guided me on progressing with setting up my Life Coaching business. We had a very productive session and I took so much value, and assignments, to do this week which I immediately started to work on. After that meeting, I slowly started to understand how to make my own survey and the real importance of market research.

I had a meeting with a future business partner, who would want to collaborate with me in the fitness section. I just love brainstorming about ideas with this gentleman, because you could feel the energy and the passion he has with this project! We talked about various topics pertaining to our project and it seems to sound quite good, so it’s all in the matter of action now, which I am currently working towards with him.

I also had a meeting with a very heart warming person called Monica who is just so down-to-earth! Hopefully, I will be doing future collaborations with her, as she just carries this positive aura that I am so inclined to work with!

I had a meeting with my NLP mentor who I deem as a “maverick” because he likes to break the conventional way of doing things. He gave me a few ideas to work on for my journey which I cannot wait to start on!

As you can see I have been quite busy with my week with multiple meetings. Alongside that, is working, going to the gym, organising my stuff and my plans, working on my assignments, doing errands and spending time with my family. It does sound a bit hectic, but I love it! Just being able to prove to myself that I could keep up with this type of work ethic is quite rewarding in itself.

On my way during my busy week, I was lucky to have bumped into a really good friend and brother on the street. This young, dynamic and passionate individual is no other than Kieran Goodwin. The CEO of the World Youth Organization. We had such a good catch up since we haven’t seen each other in a long time due to the workload we have in our lives! Hearing his amazing stories where he faced multiple challenges both personal and business oriented was so inspiring that it made me remember how blessed I am to have amazing people like him in my life!

Above all…

These business associates and public figures are friends to me above anything else. Yes, it’s nice to have them help me with my career journey. With their networks, values and strategies but one thing that means most to me above anything else, is that they are my true friends that has grown with me. And it’s this friendship that makes me feel lucky to have them in life!

This week’s quote is:

“The top 5 people you surround yourself the most, will be what you are as well”

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