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“At four, I had no idea about the impossibly high standards women are subjected to” #30daysofnormal

So as today is the last day of ‪#‎30DaysofNormal‬ I thought I’d do something a little different. Above is a picture of me in my dad’s wig (he’s a lawyer) when I was about four years old.

At four, I was a bossy little girl with no idea about gender inequality because I was told I could do anything I wanted, regardless of my gender.

At four, I had no idea about the impossibly high standards women are subjected to on a daily basis, in all walks of life.

At four, I didn’t care about my weight, about my height, about my hair colour, about my make up. I didn’t care what I wore and I didn’t care what others thought of me.

And I didn’t worry about whether my anxiety levels were more or less than anybody else’s or whether I was depressed, or about my sexuality, or any of those things we all face on a daily basis. All I wanted to do was pretend to be a lawyer and boss people around.

I am sick to death of the millions and millions of anxiety-riddled decisions women and men make on a daily basis. I am sick of gender inequality. And most importantly, I am made almost physically sick by the appalling ways human beings treat each other in every area of our lives.

I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of my face every day but mostly I just hope you all realise why I’ve done it. I am not going to stop fighting for gender equality, and though I’m not suggesting we all do, what I am saying (rather boldly) is this: it’s about time we all realised, as Maisie Williams said this week, that you are either a feminist, or a sexist. There is no in between. And for all of those people who don’t identify as feminists and have a problem with it, start by looking up what feminism actually is.

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