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Why we’re the only obstacle in life

We all have these moments in life…where we face an obstacle stopping us from achieving our goals, yet I question whether our preconception of an obstacle isn’t actually an obstacle, but an indication that we’re the one thing that’s holding us back.

Making excuses for why we haven’t achieved our greatest dreams is what we do as humans, and ‘hitting the wall’ is just a saying, so why should it stop us?

Maybe because we let it stop us.

We have to remember that we’re living and breathing and to continue living our lives, we must understand what we have to do to overcome our greatest fears and understand that the only way for these to go is to look at ourselves as an obstacle.

“I can’t do this, it’s too hard!”

Does this sound familiar?

I’ve said it many times, and maybe your goal is too hard to accomplish, but what are you using any of these as an excuse?
– Short of time?
– I don’t know how to get there
– No money?
Look at these 3 excuses for a second. Do they actually relate to your goal in anyway?

I’m definitely unorthodox when achieving my goals, and sometimes that’s all it takes, a little outside of the box thinking right? Yes, and no!

Each circumstance is different and will be unique to each individual, but the general perception is if someone else can’t do it, then neither can you. What does this tell us?

Our mind-set is the obstacle!

Because this individual couldn’t do the task, doesn’t mean you’re not able to. Our self-belief is showcasing our fear of being better than someone else and the amount of times I’ve felt inferior to someone else can’t be counted on my two hands, yet people look at me (the blogger) as their superior. Why? Because we’re assuming. Assuming is a dangerous trait to have and we all do it, but when we give our fear the time of day we surprise ourselves.

We play pass the parcel with ourselves and when it lands on us we’re scared to open it, assuming we’ve won something dreadful, but what we have done is we’ve won. Isn’t that the point of the game?

Why can’t we treat our lives like a massive pass the parcel game?

Rather than passing the parcel on even though the music has stopped, we decide to open the parcel to reveal the contents.

Relate this to the real world…

An opportunity arises and it’s then our choice if we grab it with both hands or pass it onto someone else.

Every decision we make can highlight obstacles relating to the subject, but we don’t consider we’re also an obstacle, but this doesn’t have to be the case.
Are you stuck in a dark place? Have you been offered an opportunity you’re unsure about? Want to become the next Prime Minister?

Create your path and find a way to overcome the obstacles. Will you stand there in front of the wall accepting defeat or will you walk around it creating a new path to your wildest dreams?

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