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Being your own person

When I started volunteering 3 years ago, I didn’t know who I was, but as I took more steps into my journey, something popped into my mind…to achieve our goals, we must take control of our own destiny.

I look out to the sea contemplating life and thinking how a strong character is now present in my life.

A strong character doesn’t define one’s mental or physical attributes, but focuses on the passion an individual has.

It’s then up to us on how we use our passion to define who we are.

Barriers will always surface in life, and when a life’s goal is in tatters or becomes harder to achieve, it’ll be this definition that’ll either make or break us. I think we all know which one we’d prefer to experience.

Our present self might not be at the stage of understanding who we are as a person, but it’ll be our future actions which’ll take us one step further to accomplish our grab on life.

The future actions that can’t be defined by someone else, no matter how close they are to you, otherwise by constantly relying on others, we will never be our own person.

A person’s characteristics start off generically, but we have the power to choose our traits and attributes and how we use them for social change.

Social change is a pathway we can take to showcase our true potential, and when it comes to showcasing ourselves, others will look at our individuality.
What makes us who we are? How did we get here? Why are we making a difference?

All key questions that can define our journey’s, but it still comes back to us. Everything in life has a decision making process, and from this we learn more about ourselves than we can ever imagine.

The imagination of knowing who we truly are is a puzzling thought and one that is challenged when our mind experiences the unknown. An unknown that makes us question if we truly know who we are and whether the path we’re taking is the right one, but it’s still only us who can make the decision in allowing something new to happen.

The funny thing is…we might not know what this ‘something new’ is until we’re face to face with it and in either a panicked or calm manner we have a tough decision to make.

Do we settle for ‘average’ or do we take on the world? The two don’t compare and I don’t think you should ever compare, as like diversity teaches us we have our own opinions and outlook on life, so why shouldn’t we do the same when trying something new?

I’m sure you can tell that a lot goes through my brain on a daily basis, and it’s these moments of reflection to me that signals the capabilities our minds can have on identifying who we are as a person.

If you’re currently in the situation of not knowing who you are, know this…

We all start from the same point, a follower. As we grow and age with wisdom, our mind-set changes and our outlooks on life can differ, but whether you’re 13, 18 or 24, you have the opportunity to be a leader.

A leader that’s respected by a single thing that can strive a leader to success…PASSION!

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