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Tawhid ar-Rahman: Launch Photographer

Tawhid ar-Rahman is a professional photographer based in London, shooting photographs for clients both locally and abroad. His work has been predominantly focused on architecture, design and construction while catering equally to charities as well as corporations. Tawhid will be one of the official photographers of the World Youth Organization launch in January.

Tawhid’s work has covered a wide range of projects, from the simplicity of photographing designer apartments for companies such as Fizzy Living and Henley Homes to large scale projects involving documentary photography in the Middle East and Africa for international clients as Vision Gulf and BMMI Group.

Having initially trained as a graphic designer, Tawhid went on to complete a Masters degree in photojournalism and documentary photography at the University of the Arts, London. This professional design experience gives Tawhid a unique perspective regarding the quality of the end product, and the ability to produce high calibre pristine images, a skill and edge often lacking in other photographers.

Tawhid’s curiosity and passion for travel has also taken him to many locations and enabled him to capture outstanding images from across the UK as well as images from overseas locations including Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Ghana and Mali, to name a few.

In addition to receiving highly positive client feedback, Tawhid’s work has been featured in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Creative Review and Amnesty International’s WIRE.

If you are interested in having high quality photography carried-out, with efficiency, accuracy and a unique artistic approach, whether it be small or large scale, in the UK or overseas, please get in touch here

Tawhid will be one of the official photographers at the World Youth Organizaiton launch on the 11th January where 150 guests will gather for one evening to celebrate the start of the organisation.

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