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Press Release: WYO announces launch plans


World Youth Organisation announces official launch plans

Ambitious plans to eradicate stereotypes of young people

London, UK – The world’s newest non-profit organisation today announced that it will officially launch in January 2016. The World Youth Organisation aims to eradicate stereotypes placed on young people by gifting opportunities across many major platforms.

The charity will provide brand new opportunities to teenagers and young adults across the globe. The WYO aims to create opportunities for young people in the realms of politics, media, charity, environment, sport, business and science. With 80% of the WYO staff being aged under 25, it is easy to see that the new charity is already making things happen for young people. Education is vital to removing the stereotypes applied to young people, the World Youth Organisation claims.

The World Youth Organisation has no paid employees and plans to use all of its funds to successfully ‘Advance, Promote, Provide and Relieve’ young people, in line with the organisation’s main objectives. The services of the World Youth Organisation will be available to all teenagers and young adults, no matter what background they originate from.

World Youth Organisation CEOs, Kieran Goodwin and Maliha Reza, were both aged 16 when they founded the organisation in 2014, making it the first global charity to be founded by people aged under 18. With plans to work with larger sponsors and a governmental partnership, the WYO looks as though it will become a powerful force on the international charity scene. The ambitious project is expected to launch officially in January 2016 at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, with several VIPs expected to be in attendance to support the organisation.

Although more details of the launch will become available soon, the World Youth Organisation is currently preparing for a very busy future. Keep up to date with the WYO at www.worldyo.org.


For more information about the World Youth Organisation, please contact:

Tom Hinchcliffe, Press Officer
Telephone – 07719663481
Email – [email protected]
Twitter – @wyo_press


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