TemplateTuning.com sharpen our new WYOEducate website into shape

We are pleased to announce TemplateTuning.com have jumped on board and are helping the World Youth Organization with converting a HTML website to a WordPress theme, allowing us to host the new site for WYOEducate, which will be under the sub-domain educate.worldyo.org.

Template Tuning offers customization services that meet high quality standards. You will have a team of web professionals working on your project to provide you a personalized template for a reasonable price.

With awesome customer service, they will for sure get your website in ship shape condition in no time, from big projects to the minor changes a site sometimes crucially needs, Template Tuning will be able to help.

We are with them, so why aren’t you? Find out more information here http://www.templatetuning.com/prices/

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